Interview Strategy


For job interviews, you need to prepare not only your resume but also responses to interview questions. Practice answering interview questions and create a list of questions that you may want to ask the company. You can get advice from Pasona recruiters and consultants about exactly what a specific hiring manager may be looking for during an interview.

Key Factors In Hiring Decisions

  1. Self

  2. Industry /

  3. Send Resume

  4. Prepare For Interview

  5. Interview

We often hear hiring managers say that they decided to hire an individual because they felt a very strong sense of enthusiasm for the position, from the candidate. Similarly, hiring managers often decide not to hire a person because they were not sure if the candidate really wanted to work for the company or not. It is important to have the required skills and experience, but in order to become the candidate of choice in a competitive market this "enthusiasm" becomes a key point.

Show Your "Passion" for the Position

A resume is your communication tool to summarize and showcase your abilities, attributes, experience, skill sets and education to employers. Resumes should be only one or two pages long so you need to optimize this space to sell yourself. Your resume must convince hiring managers to want to meet with you in person.

  • Speak clearly and concisely when answering questions
  • If in doubt about a question, ask for clarification
  • When asked "Do you have any questions?" at the end of the interview, be sure to ask relevant questions about the company and position
Pay Attention to Business Etiquette

Interviewers always watch to see if you display proper business etiquette or not during a job interview. Regardless of where you are living, keep business manners in mind. Although this may be especially important when you are interviewing with Japanese companies, good business etiquette is important at interviews everywhere!



Think of a job interview as a business meeting. Being one-minute late, means you are late.
Make sure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview.


Grooming and Appearance

Grooming and Appearance
Your appearance makes your first impression.
Check the following points.

1. Head:

Neat, professional hairstyle

2. Face:

Light make up, natural look

3. Hands

Neatly manicured clean nails, conservative shoes
and handbag/briefcase

4. Attire:

Suits (make sure clothes are ironed)

5. Feet:

Clean shoes


Effective Communication and The Importance Of Listening

Effective Communication And The Importance Of Listening
Your speaking and listening skills are an important part of business etiquette, too. When speaking, make sure that the interviewers are following your train of thought. If they look confused, step back and explain yourself more clearly. When listening, do not speak up until the interviewer finishes talking. Good speaking and listening skills are integral to smooth communication during interviews.

Job Interview Tips
Self Introduction

When asked to introduce yourself, be concise and focused. Explain past work experience briefly in chronological order. If you do not have work experience, you could talk about any part time work you had during school. Interviewers always want to know why you left previous jobs. The answers you give can indicate your work attitude and communication skills. Therefore, try to come up with positive reasons such as "I was looking for career advancement. " or "I wanted to push myself to take on a more challenging role." Some candidates will make negative comments about their ex boss, ex co-worker or ex subordinate, but it is not advisable to make negative comments about anyone during an interview.

Why Do You Want This Job

Explain your enthusiasm for the job by saying something like, "After researching the company, it seems tailored to my skill set, knowledge, and practical experience. I want to be a part of this company as it grows. "

Strength and Weakness

This is a commonly asked question. If you‘re not sure of how to answer this question, ask family and friends for their input. When it comes to weaknesses, make sure that you can also describe how you were able to overcome your weaknesses.

Career Path

Explain how your goals in 3 to 5 years are related to the position and to the company that you are interviewing for.

Sell Yourself

In your self-introduction, include some examples of your strengths and achievements that relate directly to the job for which you are applying. This must also demonstrate your personal qualities and your "on the job" work ethic. To support this, provide specific examples from your past. You can conclude your self-introduction by stating that your set of competencies matches the job description and that you feel that you would be a very good candidate for the job.

Interview rehearsal is important, but you need to memorize the information above and present it in a way that suggests that you are not just reading from a script. Summarize all facts and details about the company and yourself and practice answers until they sound natural and not rehearsed. Pasona recruiters and consultants communicate daily with hiring managers and they can provide expert guidance to help you prepare for job interviews. If you need job interview advice, contact Pasona right away or register with Pasona now!

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