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Many people are nervous during job interviews and fail to convey all that they have to offer the employer, despite their preparation. This is perfectly natural, so please don't think that you are alone. Everyone feels the same way! Remember, a job interview also gives you the opportunity to see the company and listen to what they have to offer. It is truly two-way communication. Nevertheless, thorough interview preparation will help you relax and be more comfortable during your interview.

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Document Checklist

Prepare this checklist for interviews and make sure that you have all documents in your briefcase before leaving.

  • Resume (a few copies)
  • Documents required by the company
  • Company information; map, contact number, etc.
  • Writing instruments
  • Your ID (some companies require a security check to enter the premises)

Dress appropriately for the job that you are applying for. Cleanliness is key. For men, a white shirt is appropriate for companies in the financial and manufacturing industries. For a job in more creative industries, you can be a bit more casual. For women, dark colored suits are appropriate, but do not have to be overly formal. You can also wear a colored shirt or light sweater under your suit.

  • Neat and professional hairstyle
  • Light make up, natural look
  • Conservative handbag/briefcase
  • Ironed shirts and suits
  • Clean conservative shoes

Arrive 10 Minutes Early


Try to arrive at the building 30 minutes before the interview and announce yourself to the receptionist just 10 minutes before. While you are waiting at reception or in a waiting room, do not read, listen to music or check your cell phone. If you are running late for the interview, contact the company as soon as you know that you will be late. Unforeseeable events do happen; traffic might be heavy, something important may come up at work, etc.

The Interview Begins Before You Arrive


If you are getting close to the company building, be aware that other employees may be watching you. The hiring manager or interviewer may happen to be in the parking lot, reception area or in the same elevator as you. Before you step into the building, do not forget to turn off your cell phone. Double check to make sure that your cell phone is off, before your enter the interview room. At reception, ask for the interviewer if you know his or her name and mention the department that they work in. If you have to dial the extension by yourself, speak professionally and cordially.

Interview Manners


If the interviewer is already waiting for you in a meeting room, knock on the door and then enter. When entering, bow and introduce yourself. (Or shake hands depending on the cultural circumstances) If you are in a meeting room and waiting for an interviewer, stand up as the interviewer enters the room and greet him or her. When you are given a business card, receive it with both hands. Speak clearly and concisely. End the interview with a thank you to the interviewer.

Be A Good Listener and Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Interviewer


The purpose of the job interview is to sell yourself and get the interviewer to grasp what you have to offer. Pay attention and listen to the entire question before you answer. If you are not sure of the meaning of a question, ask for clarification. Offer a few ideas about why you feel that your experience and knowledge would benefit the company. Take your time and give a good, concise explanation. When answering, start with a concluding statement and then move on to the explanation. In this way, it's easy to keep track of your thoughts. For example; "I can think of two things. One is △△, and the other is △△." If you need time to think about your answer, it is better to take the time to answer honestly and thoughtfully. It's OK to say, "I'd like to think about this question a bit more if you don't mind" " or "Could you repeat the question one more time?"

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