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Pasona is poised to assist in your job search to help find a job that fits your lifestyle. Working closely with our 26 overseas offices, we can introduce job opportunities from over 2000 companies not only in the U.S., but also in Canada, Japan and other Asian countries. In order to support your work and life balance, we offer the Pasona Learning Program as well as competitive fringe benefits.

Find Your Dream Career!

Work That Fits Lifestyle


Different people look for different jobs. Depending on your lifestyle and circumstances, your work preferences are different. Let's work together to find the best job for you.


The Pasona Advantage


Pasona helps you to create your ideal working environment and find a position where you can maximize your talents and skills, whether it is in a full time or temporary role.


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Registration is the first step in your search for a new career. Become a Pasona member and talk to us about the kind of job you dream about. Your new career starts here!


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