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All Pasona's recruiters have experienced the job search for themselves in the U.S. and Canada. Yes, they were once in the same situation as you! By applying their past job search experience, they can help find you a position where you can maximize your talents and work in a global environment."Finding a job in the U.S. or Canada", "Relocating from the West Coast to the East Coast", "Going to Japan to work", "Looking for a job outside of the U.S.", "Looking for a job from overseas" etc. Whatever your circumstances, Pasona can lead you down the right career path using our global network and working with recruiters and consultants from our overseas offices.

Simple Steps For Free Registration

STEP 1 Registration

The first step is to complete our simple and free registration. You can enter your profile online. Upon completion of registration, a Pasona recruiter will contact you.

STEP 2 Counseling

A Pasona recruiter will meet with you face to face. Through the interview process, we will discuss your past experience and skill sets in order to build a global career plan for you.

STEP 3 Introduction To positions

Based on your experience, skill sets and career plan, the recruiter will introduce you to jobs where you can make the most of your skills. If the position is situated abroad, they also provide country information, VISA information, etc.

STEP 4 Application For Jobs

If you want to apply for any positions introduced to you by our recruiters, we will present your application to our client. You can also apply for jobs through our website.

*Depending on your preferred position, work location, and industry, Pasona can send you a notification email when we receive a job from our client that matches your preferences.

STEP 5 Interview for Jobs

Pasona's recruiter will coordinate your interview date with our client, on your behalf. They will also provide resume revision assistance, interview guidance and information about the client company and cultural information for overseas positions.

STEP 6 Acceptance Of Employement Offer

Pasona negotiates employment conditions such as the starting date, on your behalf.

STEP 7 Support After Commencement Of Work

Pasona wants to be your life long career partner. You can contact us at anytime from anywhere in North America or from anywhere in the world to talk about your career.

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