Summer Internship Opportunity in Japan! : Pasona International Exchange Program 2013


Pasona International Exchange Program 2013: Accepting applications from 10/1/12

We are excited to announce that we will be accepting application for Pasona International Exchange Program 2013 beginning 10/1/12!

The Pasona International Exchange Program began when the Pasona Group CEO Yasuyuki Nambu met American students who wished to gain experience at Japanese companies that lead the business world. With the goal of promoting mutual understanding between the two countries at the personal level and true globalization, we became the first to introduce the widely-practiced Western internship system to Japan. Afterwards, we opened the program to include university students from all over the United States. and when the program reached its 20th anniversary in 2007, we opened the door to students from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Overall, over 370 interns and about 200 host companies have participated in the program. After graduation, the interns utilize their experiences to step into the global field, working at both Japanese companies and places such as international governmental institutions.

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TEL: 408-452-1557

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